Senior Iceland BF Hand 51Y

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Black and white
Their roots 
You don't have to use fancy colors 
There is no need to stack it with complex elements

A product that reduces complexity to simplicity 
More pure in nature 
Show the style of life in detail


『 Iceland · fashion  』

Iceland, located at the edge of the Arctic Circle, is as mysterious and cold as its latitude. With its rich landforms and beautiful scenery, Iceland is a creative idea in the mind of poets and a source of inspiration in the eyes of designers.  

The color that can best represent the character of Iceland is different levels of gray, wandering between black and white, not as pure as black and white, nor as simple as black and white.  Enduring neutrality, can bring people harmony, calm, soft, stable artistic conception.  

BF Handle 51Y integrates the inspiration and creativity of Iceland's natural style, integrates aesthetics and nature into the space atmosphere, and presents a unique style of life.

Feel the resonance between man and nature

BF handle 51Y the line is straight, concise and powerful and do not break elegant grace, reveal low-key and indifferent firm noble temperament.  Smooth and delicate texture with gentle calm Iceland gray, as if in romantic Iceland, perceive the resonance of human and nature. 


BF handle 51Y is forged by high quality aluminum alloy to ensure the strength of handle structure, stable and not broken, which can withstand the test of time and environment.  Smooth lines of handle and grip distance are ergonomic design, push and pull unrestrained, so that the beauty and comfort of space life perfect combination.  

The surface adopts new spray coating technology, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and refuses to fade.  The test time of neutral salt spray is more than 3000H;  UV test is more than 5000H, more durable.


In response to sliding door locking demand, RL series push-pull lock can be perfect with BF handle 51Y, RL series push-pull lock also adopts minimalist style, simple appearance, exquisite texture, Iceland grey color matching handle elegant temperament, more remarkable push-pull quality.

RL series push and pull locks are made of high quality aluminum alloy, hook lock drive parts and lock parts are resistant to destructive power more than 1000N, cycle life test more than 30000 times, far beyond the industry standard, stable performance, more durable.  

Unified, design sense of collocation, in enhancing the taste of home life, but also to every inhabitant to bring a pleasant experience!


Product Name:BF handle 51Y
Specification :9LS0653
Application Range:Sliding door
Surface:New spray coating process
Material:aluminium alloy
Color:Iceland grey( as pic)

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