PAG | HD 48 concealed lock

2020-07-28    Classify:Brands

Focus on design, to be invisible

HD 48 concealed lock was designed in very simple and fashionable shape, little size but never lose gracious manner. The surface of the lock is greatly smooth, its material mainly is aluminum alloy, matched with oxidization black, looks specially durable.

HD48 concealed lock as its name was with concealed handle, just press the handle slightly, it will be popped  out, so the window can be opened. When you are going to close the window just need to close the handle. The driving distance is 17mm, fit for the all casement window system.

HD 48 concealed lock contains the key, use the key to lock the window, which is much safer for kids and property.

This new lock is in smaller size, so the hole opening size was smaller too, fit for slim casement window series, also fit for fly screen sash, protective guard, these product are common used.

Name: HD48 concealed lock
Format: SA87318-02
Application range: Standard Euro groove casement window, for for fly screen sash, protective guard. etc
Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Black

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