The new era of friction stay--[PG friction stay 58] New Arrival

2020-05-12    Classify:Brands

The first start of the PG friction stay was originated from the creation and development spirit of PAG. In 2014,PAG applied for patents for new utility design,PCT and invention.

National standard(JG/T127-2017)max weight is 50kg, service life is more than 35000 cycles.
European standard BS EN13126-6:2018)max weight is 60kg, service life is more than 20000 cycles.
The drop test can carry 90kg.
Resistance to wind pressure up to 100kg,based on shenzhen China standard wind pressure 0.75KN/m²,it can up to class 8 or above.
After passing 1000N hanging and lifting load test, the structure and function is normal.
Riveting point breaking strength up to 1330kgf or above.
NSST test up to 750H or above.
QUV test up to 3000H or above.


Product name: PG friction stay 58
Format: HD88258-14
Suitable profile: Standard euro groove
Material: SUS304+ precision casting SUS304



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