Excellent Morality Makes Eternal Reputation,Sincere Will Determines Realm of Lofty Thought.

For Music,it’s tone locating and setting.
For Humanity,it’s goodness standard and grade.
For an Enterprise, it’s core value and particular culture.
For PAG,self-sublimation which affects enterprise and staff is the main belief. Excellent Morality andSincere Will are the principle in the management of PAG.
About products,pursuit of excellent functions, technologies and modeling arts is the way of self-sublimation of PAG.
About Market,pursuit of professional services, solving the puzzles, directing the developments is the pathway of self-sublimation of PAG.
About Enterprise, pursuit of incorporating individual into team, self-perfection, reaching the success of individual, enterprise and society is the direction of self-sublimation of PAG.
So, all of these can complete PAG brand image that Excellent Morality Makes Eternal Reputation, Sincere Will Determines Your Stature.


Established in 2007, SHENZHEN PAG Intelligent Hardware Technology Co,. Ltd has covered R&D, producing and sales in past 10 years.

With deep knowledge of door and relevant market, PAG devotes to provide whole set customized solution for high-end door system, and necessary help for door factories to set a firm heel. At present, PAG owns almost 300 patents covering Sliding, Casement, Slide & Fold System, etc. 

Seek for Innovation, Push the Limits and Access the Perfect are PAG’s pursue. And our brand concept is Excellent Morality Makes Eternal Reputation. Sincere Will Determines Realm of Lofty Thought. Common Benefit Leads Great Career. Same Belief Achieves Bright Future. Guided by this concept, PAG focuses on details of products in function, crafts, and modeling to satisfy customers’ requirement--pursue to human nature and personality. With strict design standard and norm, PAG insists on rigor but pursues to art, leading him trend forerunner. 


Time verified classic;
Time guaranteed quality;
Time showed insistence;
Time expressed sincerity;
Time kept promise…
You may not know us, trust us, join us today.
If only we both survive in this field.
Cooperation is inevitable among us.
Time will remove those enterprises not fitting.
Only strong left, including you and me.
Finally, we are destined to join forces.

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